Hot Ginger Milk with Honey

Etsy 011
I really love ginger. Most people I know do. It is exceedingly good for you, and makes me feel good too. I’m also trying to drink less caffeine, especially before bedtime. Since black tea with milk is my favorite comfort drink in cold weather, this is difficult. One evening, I was feeling especially run down, and really wanted something invigorating and soothing. That night this hot ginger milk recipe was born. This recipe uses a VitMix, which makes hot milk drinks a breeze, but you could use a blender to chop things and then heat on the stove or in the micro.

2 cups whole milk (you could use skim milk, but why?)
½ cup chopped ginger
~1/4 cup honey (I used a serving spoon to scoop out a dollop)

Put all the ingredients in the VitaMix, turn to speed ten to puree ginger, then turn to highest setting. Run until steaming and foamy. Enjoy.

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Have I mentioned the VitaMix makes frothed milk that rivals a cappuccino? This is smooth, sweet, and relaxing, with enough peppery ginger to energize you and ward off the sick and tired feeling. Doesn’t it look delicious??